Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Okay harini alkisahnya the teachers were very enthusiastic to cook something using their brand new noxa pressure cooker. I was intended to buy it in the first place but since ibu said we already have so many pots unused at home so i cancelled the plan.

So i had a break for half an hour after my 5 zamrud class, so i was going to take a break in the staffroom when suddenly Kak Mah asked me to kacau the bubur sure.

I took some time disturbing *mind my word used porridge.  So the porridge got so angry and went on a riot, dia punye marah tu habis my baju my tudung my kasut my tangan my muke, anything exposed to air  terkene perchikan that bubur. What is worse is that i have class right after that 30 minutes of disturbing the porridge. But lucky me, cikgu shah took over and shooed me to class. So i went to class..

In class...this is where the drama begins,,

Pupils: Teacher why your baju kotor?
Pupils: Why your tudung kotor?
Pupils: Know what? I kacau the bubur so they got angry and they shoot me all over my body. The end. Sorry your teacher is soo slekeh today, and berpeluh all wet. Teacher tak berak ye (the stain was right on the place where i sit, read my butt)..
Pupils: Takpe teacher, kesian teacher...

So see, being a teacher is where you can get kesian anywhere at anytime..

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