Thursday, October 13, 2016

State of mind

Standing in the state of now-or-never, I'm  thinking of doing lots of things i have done halfway previously sampailah siap. Dah banyak benda I've done halfway though, kah!

Making changes
Taking care of myself
Learning how to smile
Learning not to be angry
Learnjng to be polite
Learnjng to be more ladylike
Learning to be creative

Ah banyak sangat!! But all of them are halfways

Now im trying to heave maself again towards the finishing line, but i dunno if this time how long will this spirit lasts.

Cumanya, yelah, im doing with an intrinsic motivation which happens to be ughhhh short term. But yosh! Again and again, im trying to be a better me for a better future.

Ade sape2 nak jadi extrinsic motivator saya takk??

P/s:May Allah ease.

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