Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Between me and me

This is going to be an afternoon like all afternoons.

There's a number or two of things im currently putting an effort to think of and i hate it when i cant do anything as far as human relationship is concerned.

My mind think i should give it a try to teach the year 6 next year since im teaching them in year 5 this year, they are uswd to my style of teaching, the kinds of input im imparting and many more, i can even crack jokes with them easily.


my heart said NO since if i give it a try to talk to my kp, i might be given the class she's  currently teaching now. And she has a strong reason to take the class from me since she's got appointed as the examiner for the English paper and as a KP, she's capable of taking any class she desired. And yeah.. that is not what i want it to be.


What should i do? Should i or should i not?

P/s: i need a good advisor and the picture is trying to comfort me.

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