Thursday, October 16, 2014


i'll have a short note for this one.
currently extremely busy..

people are getting crazy, the last sem made us all TESLIANs go nuts!
saving the last breath for the SPP interview, we are still preparing ourselves for the MQA which will be visiting the college on 20th of October. lecturers are fighting all their might to get accreditation for the course offered.

as the guinea pig of the programme, we are losing ourselves in piles of dusty notes and torn files. rushing to and fro the photostate shop at the same time making some money for them, our class was in a real mess. nobody smiles brightly except for our dearest Madam Tan. she's a superwoman, anis said. and the worst part is.... 

we are far from ready..

that was what being told to us during our mock MQA, visited by those IPGM people... having a nick of time, we doubled the work, toiling around everything possible to make everything perfectly fit for the course to get through the deadly MQA people..

over all the IPGMs, we are looking for quality, not quantity.. yeah. and i hope for nothing but for us to get through this moment as soon as possible...

bayangkan betapa serabut kelas, meja kerusi semue dah kene rembat~

jeng kreng~

p/s: Mr. Rosli said, " We have done all that we can, after all this, we have Allah to answer for us"...

i say...

Allah, bless us please, kalau buahnya baik pada students, grant me the MQA, dan kalau bajanya baik pada guru2 kami, grant us the MQA and kalau baja dan buahnya baik kedua-duanya, help us to get through... 

ohhoi, kalau tak lepas MQA tak posting boh, takde kualiti! sia2 5 tahun setengah bosss!!!


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