Monday, December 28, 2015

it has been almost a year..

hey there virtual world.
ive not been writing since ages.. im losing tracks most of the memories, there are of course, the golden mementos, those of which i feel like im not gonna forget them but yes, im a human and i do forget. (cakap jela dah lupe).So, this is the platform which i would say pictures all the good old times which i would prefer to say as a sharing of the times i had and i wish i could fly back to..

OFFICIALLY working as a servant now on the date i would never ask to forget, 29 january 2015. that was early this year. after all the toiling and hardships, hyeah, i made it through..alhamdulillah. all my friends were too.

i'm going to write more this coming year,, so i just hope i can have some time to write, well, just in case i wont be writing anymore, i wish i could have something to trigger me to write since my english is getting porah!

here we go, WELCOME 2016!

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