Thursday, September 25, 2014

selak-selak VIVA

okay...sekali lagi, blog brabok dek kesibukan kerja.. fuh3...
when am i going to get serious in writing.. huh~

so, today, i dunno suddenly feel like writing. oh,maybe due to laptop sendiri pun dah lama tak berbuka, sbb tu tak hapdet.~

orang sibuk berviva. so harini officially semua PISMP SEM 8 telah merdeka daripada pembentangan kertas kerja, (ada lecturer taknak sebut VIVA, geli due to the fact that it was only a mere presentation) so be it. ape2 lah, janji kami dah usai.

so harini, lets start from the viva. (hope there's still some memory left)
and our TESL VIVA was held in Merang Suria Resort, it was indeed a very beautiful place, near a very clean and peaceful Pantai Merang, a perfect place to hold such an occasion where you want to enjoy a few days with such a stressful event. Got what i mean? STRESS but JOYFUL??

people thought it was an event where students died bombarded with loads of questions. it was! before i realise it turned out to be an event where you actually sell products as well as selling urself too! there were of course, awards given to those wonderful presenters, i also used to dream of that too, but it seems that people wanted to be better than me, so i bagi la award tu sape2 yang nak~ CEYH!

shaking, stuttering, shivering, sweating. all the nasty Sss were contributing well among themselves playing each roles perfectly to make all the presenters almost die during the first two minutes of presenting, i tak terlepas, but after that, the third minutes will sway you away from those feeling, menunggu nak habis je then baru bleh duduk kat kerusi dengan aman dan tenteram..

what nearly brought me to tears was the moment when my best friends, Chee, Anis (suddenly Amat) appeared in the hall the minute i was about to start explaining about the intervention done. although i did asked them to, but i know i have a slim chance of the tendency of them to see me presenting...

the event went well, it rekindles the life again to the TESL zombies yang sangat2 perlukan kehidupan seperti manusia biasa sediakala.. kesian.

after VIVA, makan pun kenyang, tido pun lena, mandi pun basah, KOMPEM!

main masa petang hari, i'm not done yet with my presentation here..

rehat sebentar di Pantai Penarik, kuconteng pasir dengan si cedik pemenang emas...

bersutun celup tepun, hadiah dari tuan rumahhh

antara kekawan penawar kegusaran

after habis majlis penutup

so, gegambar tersebut di atas telah kurakam buat kenangan di masa depan, andai memori tidak lagi terpateri di ingatan, kuharap alam maya mampu kusandarkan segala kenangan... pfftt...

p/s: VIVA done report belum, jangan nak berhepi sangaddd~

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