Friday, August 29, 2014

off-to-beach day!

counting time to do the assignment, Having trouble to start writing though, still being quite sad with how I performed during the drafting of my AR with a number of grammatical and spelling errors, people find it hard to understand what i'm writing and harder it would be catch up with my explanation~ oh my Action Research....

grammar nazi?

spelling nazi first... cih~

okay today's story is about my wonderful meeting with the characters of the sea.. i've always seen Patrick the starfish, this one is also one of the characters in the Spongebob Squarepants. i tell you what, this squisshy squiggly thing smells bad, i had the time to squeeze its body, not to the extend it might explode, just to test 'kebuntalan' of this creature, 

letak atas tapak tangan camtu, macam burung pun ade aku tengok benda nih~

that too, thanks to the pakcik yang tetibe muncul entah dari mana and menjala kat situ, nasib la pakcik, jumpe kekanak riang main pantai,.. after taking photos of this, at the same time, main ngosek2 with the wonderful gurls, i let it go off to the sea again.. bye2 little fish..

went there by motorcycle, barulah adventurous, and feeling breezy (ha??) i'm having this thought whether this very feminine lady, my Jae if can really ride a bike, but she made it though, to the beach this morning, although yeah, Esmah and i had quite a belittling punya dialogue when we were on the bike..

Me: patut bagi dia guna moto ni, kita guna moto tu
E:haha, skrg ni mslh dia bukan pada moto, pada dia tu sendiri, bawakla moto mana pun, dia mmg bawak slow..
Me: amboi kau~

she did it! and now waiting for to see her driving~ you go gurl!

heading to IPG..

ampun ya mbakkk... but seriously, she's a careful driver, and we were laughing at her all the way back to IPG ... poor Jae~

imagine going to the wet-market being wet?? we did it! thanks to Esmah and Jae, i'm having a wonderful Friday morning, Usually even with only one extra day of holiday, i'll be going home, but not this time though, feeling full-fool with the assignment "waiting-ready" to be kicked off anytime now.. 

people looking? 
yup! and yeah, who care~

p/s: jom kije!!

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