Friday, February 14, 2014


"what comes next wont be known, but what had come, is always a memory to us"

i learnt that i have missed a lot of things lately but through present experience, i learnt that i shouldn't miss another thing, not again.

(listening to Bintang Syurga by UNIC)

i salute Ahmad Ammar, i do respect him a lot now, though he is younger than me, i think, he never regret anything he had, previously. i hope to die a respectful death like him.

what i am about to say won't be something important to any of you, readers, but i hope, it will be a memory to myself, and it always is..

remember the little boys i used to have those days during my first and second phase of practicum? yeah, the one who had brought back my childhood memories.. well, i regret now not having myself learnt the basic way of kicking a ball.. 

how to kick a ball? 

a student laughed at me,, the person is a she. that particular person will fly to UK this coming March to have a football tournament, as among one of the national representatives. she's so cool i think to be able to represent our nation for the tournament!

tu la, main2 tapi betul2 main sampai jadi permainan dah buat dia. 

bak kata guru kat skolah tuh, that school is producing more and more athletes and she's now one of them. nasib kami memang tak berapa nak baik pergi kat sana, skolah, dengan skill koko yang macam hampeh~
ceh! malu kat budak2!!

tapi, takleh nak salahkan dia bila dia gelakkan kita, memang padanla muka, sape suh tak blaja!
tapi kalau bab belajar, bolehla nak gelakkan dia, ke tak? :)

nasib baik kau budak~

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