Friday, February 7, 2014

be strong, be good.


yeah, that's the only one word i hope i am now.
feeling hopeless? absolutely not!

i hope i'm strong so i can help people,
i hope i'm strong so i won't cry,
i hope i'm strong so i can be myself.

strong when is orally said without physically, mentally proven through tests isn't a valid statement of being strong. i've strayed away from my real motives, far? nope, i hope not..

purpose of my writing here is,
i'm telling you guys, as a note for me too, to be good to people, don't judge, you never know what they really is, and who they really are!

okay this happened to me, just two days back, when my friend (practicum mate) isn't around, i tend to be lonely, all those teachers in the staffroom, whom i've never approached tended me with care, they asked me if i've eaten or not, they asked me if i'm okay, they sure are like mothers to me that day.

one thing i'm really shocked of is that, they actually talked about things that we can actually interrupt to join, those things such as, the football matches, Korean movies, Malay dramas and also about their children's life (well, that's a must) and from there, we can actually know how our mothers actually are! know what? talking to them makes me miss my parents a whole lot more!

i hope i'll not be a snobbish teacher, a hateful teacher and a person whom when is around, isn't appreciated and when isn't around is most celebrated.... i hope not...

practicum weeks, 10 more to go!!!

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