Wednesday, November 6, 2013

that word!

engrossed...shall i use that word?

well, i'm trying to but this matter if the word i just realised keep me out of it.. trust me, i've tried my best to become engross in my 'study' for the examination, but this time, this word failed me..


how many of you have known this word? ever used it before? this word used to be my word those days when i study 'PQS or SI but i din't really took any effort of understanding what it really, putting aside that this also was one of the words that i ought to know the meaning, i tend to forget..

the word actually means 'faith'... but i've come to know that this was once said by Imam Ghazali from the sources i just searched randomly on the internet,, he said..

Dalam al-mustasfa, Imam Al-Ghazali ada menyebut;

لا ثقة لمن يعرف علم المنطق

"tiada siqah bagi mereka yang tidak mengetahui ilmu mantiq"

so, what's that mantiq means??

Ilmu Mantiq / Falsafah BUKANLAH SEMATA-MATA ilmu berdebat , ilmu berbahas , ilmu teori dan seumpamanya sebagai mana difahami oleh sebahagian orang . Malahan ia JAUH LEBIH LUAS daripada itu kerana kaitannya yang rapat dengan pengajian Islam ( khasnya di dalam pengajian Tauhid , Usul-Fiqh dan juga Tasawwuf ) . Begitulah juga dengan Ilmu-Ilmu seperti Matematik , Sains , Architecture ( Seni Bina ) , Ilmu Kejuruteraan , Ilmu Kedoktoran , Ilmu Penyiasatan , Ilmu Undang-Undang dan sebagainya

it's kind of a big thing to be discussed by an 'empty-headed' person like me, so i dare not to further my writing upon this, this matter is big, but i come to know that some people just used that word for the purpose of having to say something about trust between male and female.. so the context is kinda narrowed a little, right?

.... (speechless)...

some matters are big, broad and wide... if you narrow them down, the context might be different and do afraid that they might go wrong..

p/s: i hope to revise..

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