Tuesday, November 12, 2013

counting last drops of time in somewhere called here.

makin hari, asrama makin sepi.
makin hari, hujan makin turun membasahi bumi.
makin hari, poket makin kurang isi,
makin hari, makan ape pun tak jadi..

makin hari.. (problem of people)

wokey, sekarang nih, orang dah nak balik je dah. my neighbour who loves to bang the door has gone home.. and there are a few door bangers though, left here.. and it's okay, as long as they din bang my door..
actually i'm searching for some notes online, but then, here comes the eagerness to type somthing, probably the last thing to be written before i go home..probably...

happy sangat coz tomoro is the last paper, with that, exactly one more year to gooooooo yeahoo! looking forward to future planning...wink2~

people say if the papers' are crammed to each other, i mean the duration in just one week or two, the head will swell, nauseas and all sorts of terrible feeling will occur...

but, i think..

that's far better that having one whole week for just a paper..BECAUSE,, it keeps you awake!

may Allah ease tomorrow's paper. i hope to be able to push the pointers up.. i hope ...

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