Monday, November 18, 2013

learnt new things!

yesterday's the family day for my big family, i mean, my father's family.. so, the event was awesome!
people are growing up and getting old, yeah, i saw faces with wrinkles, those who gained and lost some weights, new members and above all, everybody's there! my father with his 5 more siblings after the death of 2... hmm... everybody was there and that was great after all these years we haven't been together...

not much of a picture to share... i have these few pictures i would like to embed in the post.. hope to be a memorial writing of mine here... in case these gadgets create troubles...

my father is doing some very traditional way of making keropok.. and, i tell you what, we need a lot of patience, strength, and the heart must be at peace... kalau tak, memang tumbuk keropok nih, buat kte tumbuk peluh dan air matalah.(air hingus pon boley haaa)

and after all the tumbuking,, 
we put the dough into this machine, and out come this thing...

they say we must put the fish's flesh inside this machine before starting the tumbuking..but either way is okay...

and the taste of the keropok was sooooooo awesomeeee!!! keropok paling sedap pernah aku makan dan tak muak langsung serta mmg terbaik tip top.

and takde dah gambar nak post pasal keropok tuh sebab sume tak dan nak amik gambar habis dah kene makan...

satu lagi aku belajar was...
mengerek laksa.. korang tau ape?

katanya keropok tumbuk dan laksa pahang tu memang tradisi..
so, aku tak dan nak amik gambar kerek laksa tuh.. jadi 

aku amik kat gugel dan boleh visit laman nih kalau nak tau info lanjut..

and, it was really fun indeed!
tapi letih gila kene lari pusing2... and, i was aiming that the stick i'm using will be broken into two, due to the courageous run i did... ngahaha!

generasi muda kalau tak tau tradisi, ibarat pewaris tanpa isi...
(saje nak rhyme..)

i'm glad i get to know a few traditional things about my family..  i feel blessed~

p/s: a few daysssss ahead! loads of things to do! horeyyy!!

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