Thursday, November 21, 2013

cerita kekawan graduan..

recently, more and more updates of my friends graduating, wearing the robes and hats for their convocation days.. i sigh looking at me and my other friends here not yet graduating, i guess more will be having theirs the year after tomorrow (means next year).. one we have one more year to go!! huggahh!!

i can feel the thrill now~ yabedabedooo~

okay, now that i'm particularly talking bout this convocation thinggy, i'm gonna share about this friend of mine's rare collection of convocation-robe-poses.. huh~ very rare indeed and i loike it!

before i proceed, she's Harizah, one we called Jaja now and then, she used to be the SBPIT and KMPH friend of mine. die ni rumah coklat dulu..(tetibe~)

depan sekali tu, Intan, tepi kanan tu, Aimi, (orang kampung aku,,heheh) awek tingkap tuh, Zila dan the person in charge for the post today is..
yang blakang skali tu, Jaja.

nih gambar posing biasa bila convo,, kan??


get ready for more rarer shoots

ntah mane datang gunung bukit batu segala tetibe die ade duk pose kat situ~boleh pulak gi mendaki time convo, kepelikan di situ, and i don feel like this is an edited version...isn't it?

lepas gunung bukit segala, ke air pulak, siap berkayak segala. macam2 kau ni Ja~

admit shocked with those rare shoots she had, best memories carved i think, i wonder how my convocation picture will come out, how will i enjoy posing in the robes, i hope it's not that normal and lame...thinking of rarer shoots than Jaja's??? 


ini kali, my 'p/s' guna picture... haiyakk!!

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