Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HORAS journey experience~

horas! that's another fine word of greeting,, (learnt this from the Batakians)
 just want to share that i went to Medan just a few hours back, a 4 days one night journey which was for me, AWESOME!! wink2~

i learnt a lot of things from the short journey, quite a number of experience that i shall never forget, i would probably be updating the journey's experience i've had in this blog, for my own memoir.

btw, Horas here means like selamat sejahtera, they'd say this word with full of courage, wide smile and warmly, they'd give you beautiful prices if you visit their shop and greet them with 'horas'..

this is their house..

they have such a horrifying history of man-eating people and i love the story of how they actually eat people, they don't simply2 eat people from head to toe, but they choose three parts to be eaten, one is the heart, the brain and the right hand. Why? 

because those people killed to be eaten is the people who committed huge crimes such as adultery and murderers. they believe that in order to commit the crimes, they have to have the urge, and that comes from the heart, the brain to think of how to conduct what they have desired and the hand that had been doing the stuffs planned subsequent to the previous stages.

interesting eh??

p/s: hati is liver
jantung is heart,

they say the people eat the liver, not the heart... but i say, when it comes to feeling, is it the heart or the liver that does the job? CONFUSED~


  1. dah lama tak mai blog hang. huhuuu

  2. Hang pun baru nk aktif blik blogging, jgn lupe kiss aisya untuk ak,, hihi