Monday, November 4, 2013

bola tendang~!

alhamdulillah, Tok Gajah telah membuktikan 'kegajahannya' dengan berjaya menumbangkan team The Red Warrior..(ceh sejak bila aku pun jadi pengulas?)

actually i don't really like football, i seldom watch any match but since i've been knowing all those 4 little brothers, i started opening a new title in my lifebook, i started to learn what a 'football' is.. so, that's how it started..though my brother had always asked me to watch the matches with him those nights, i don't really into football thinggy, just yet...

but let's not talk about my interest today. proceed...(how i wish i had a "Jarvis" with me) {suddenly the mood of "iron man" floods in}...

where am i? (chuckles)

okay, yesterday i watched the football match, as i mentioned earlier, the elephant meet TRW, so, the result was 1 to 0, the elephant wins, end... thanks to Matias, the score is ours..Alhamdullah.. but i tell you what, it was such an epic, (for me) watching football match yesterday, why?

because, the fan aren't functioning, the TV was black and white, (though the second half we had a chance watching the coloured version, {without the ball seen anywhere}but satisfactory goes to the former, and we tuned the channel back...) and i was bitten by mosquitoes all over! but the spirit is the same, i had a bunch of Pahangites with me supporting those people in the TV..and also a cat, purring on the floor..

ahh,, eventhough so, we were thankful of not having to go to stadium just to watch the match..thanks to the lousy TV room we have here...

ini lebih kurang muka penyokong Pahang semalam bila bola masuk gol,, aku tak tahu kenapa bila gol diorang tak sorak tapi bila tivi bertukar warna diorang baru nak kecoh~

and that's about it, i guess,, gotta flip over the notes... BTW, selamat tahun baru maal hijrah! may Allah bless us in this new year and may it be better than the year we had previously~

may our life be bless...

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