Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the Laundry Meeting...

haritu aku jumpe pegawai tentera.. purposely wanting to jot down this on my blog, so that i may refer to the event, whenever i feel to.

nothing much bout the discussion, a few things we share in common, he's the eldest of three and i'm of four... but one thing that surprises me is that, he used to have a teacher whom had shown sense of care of him, since he was a little boy..

still wondered whether it's right or wrong..
is this an answer or what?

well, he did not tell me the real story of what had happened (might be the same story those kids and this young man share)  but he told me that there's this one teacher that had inspired him so much that he studied so hard to reach what he is now.. i wonder if i can be that one teacher who inspires.. But i now for the time being, just a plain teacher trainee who teaches what is need to teach, or probably who thinks she teaches what is there to teach...(???)

the important thing is that, THAT HAPPENS! what i'm thinking i may be dreaming is most probably something worth dreamt of.. (word play, huh?) imagine having a bunch of lovely young men who remembers you and who treasures those precious moments you had with them in those golden days, perghhh...doesn't matter what they are in the future, who they might be, but, it's worth it if they can remember, right?

masa jumpa dengan brader nih, only He knows what happened right in between these lungs...


baru aku tahu, tabik polis dengan tabik askar tu berbeza...haha

p/s: Allah, i may not be having a great opportunity to watch them grow, but i hope, i'll be someone who lasts in their heart forever...

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