Sunday, September 29, 2013

phone call!

ticking the calender, making notes on every possible dates that shall and shall not be booked.. (sigh) not many weeks left, and i am still here, doing foolish things i think without any fruitful outcomes nor incomes..

glancing through the window, i see black clouds, well, the time has come for the raining season to visit the land nourishing it with the love of Allah...alhamdulillah..

talking with my beloved brother on phone just now, punched my laughing nerve real good this time... and the conversation went on like this..

Ame: kak, ngantuk lah...nak tido.
Me: nak tido? tau tak ape akibat die orang yang nak tido tapi cakap ngn akak?
Ame: hah?
Me: ARRGHHHH!! (screamed on the phone)
Ame: WHOI!!! Sakit telinga!!
Me: haha, padan muka, nak tido lagi..

(having my roomate just sitting behind me minding her own business at the same time listening to the conversation had quite a shocking moment too with what is going on between me and my brother on the phone)

and, i gelak guling2~

well, lama dah tak gelak~ hidup ini kadangkala meletihkan, merengsakan, merimaskan...
tapi, bila fikir2kan, setiap kejadian, adanya rahmat Tuhan.. aku bersyukur..

P/s: hidup yang bersisa, usia tak dijangka.. moga ada redhaNya...

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