Tuesday, September 24, 2013


i think it has been already 4 days of water crisis... it's tiresome but alhamdulillah, for the time being, i never bathe outside hostel...

which would you prefer? having no water or no electricity?
i prefer the latter.. coz when you lost the former, you'll feel like you won't stand a chance play a fool without being alert...(hope you guys understand what i mean)

and, because there's no water, now i can see a lot of people moving out from the hostel, having themselves parked in somebody else's home, i wonder if i could ask fr an escape in this moment, running out of the momentarily-waterless place like this. i wonder if i could go out there, rent a cheap room and have myself pampered bathing clean water... i wonder...

too much ''and's'' with the no-exact solution, i question myself how long can i bear this situation...

p/s: i've got my little oranges something... i hope they'll get it by next week...yeahhoo!!

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