Monday, August 26, 2013

S syndrome...

ohhooooo...lagi tiga minggu! (belakang kira minggu ni)

dan minggu nie masuk makmal.. masak la kau budak2, lagi dekat, lagi senang aku cepuk! haiiyakkkk!!!
(ni bukan refleksi buku rph, bukan juga jurnal, tapi sekadar menaip melepaskan letih mencari bahan)

and, today, the topic, is about shyness...(do not total translate this word!)
i'm confused if i've lost the shyness i used to have years before within myself, bla, bla, bla...but i noticed that i'm being surrounded by shy is such an irony when the most shy person, (believed to be the quietest person) is now saying that people are being shy themselves...

i've got a student, a boy, an 11 year old handsome, tall and lanky fair boy..(ohh! puji byk sgt!) just now was caught red handed, being shy to me... with surged blood to the head, the face and ears turns red.. oh what a very picturesque view of you there, boy! haha..

and, i am, particularly, having a sibling of 3 beautiful, brilliant and rich girls, who just recently talked to me only the eldest one)  when they've been to my house quite a number of times. The other 2 little sisters won't talk to me, they 'talked' their words through keyboard letters! Well, it's awkward to see why people are getting so shy to me when i'm throwing my shyness just to be able to talk to them... i'm confused as well as troubled by this problem...

i know that being shy is a part of the iman, i never doubt it, but i'm confused as to what makes them acting shy to i too frank???

sincerely, tackling the shy people are more interesting rather than a quiet person. but of both latter and former, i know no approach of to get along with...

p/s: if only you know how much guts i've got to have to talk to you, mesti kau takkan berani jadi malu dengan aku....


  1. i def total translate the word hahahaha pardon me.

    congratulation, nak malu apa kan, manusia jugak kita2 ni.

    1. aku dah kata jangan!!! haisy mummy nih!