Friday, August 23, 2013

of mood and the early pagi...

cheerful mood flies and anger feeling slips in..

let's try to make this a good post okay?

there's one makcik, who sells cakes by the roadside,
every day you dashes on your bike in front of her leaving her cheap cakes for expensive foods,
and there's one day, a day where you don't have a single penny in your pocket,
and you come toiling to her, asking for a piece of cake to fill the empty stomach,
how would you feel the makcik's feeling? will she give you the cake after what you have done to her?

if i'm the makcik,
how would you think i will act?
will i not give the cake? or would i?

analogi yang sama kita guna untuk Dia yang maha esa...
kalau kita nak mintak sesuatu tetibe je tanpa kite pernah rapat dengan dia,
tak malu ke kite?

moga Allah ampun dosa..

He is opening my eyes to see the people around me,
i know it's good
and i hope He gives me a strong heart and mind..

I'm very thankful for Allah had given such a great mother to me...
one that always push me for good.
and one that teaches me how to be good...

p/s: post peringatan diri sendiri, 16 syawal...


  1. Setuju setuju. pengajarang dia kita kena istiqamah. istiqamah lah ujian yg sebenar. hmm