Tuesday, August 20, 2013

kecai si kuning...

quarter past
quarter to
half past
half to
ten past
ten to
five past
five to

frankly speaking, i don't blame my students for not being able to understand all these things told, i too, never understand what the teacher taught about these things... 

i ended up teaching a lot of things to that oranges..i don't know observation made me better or turned me worst.. i was caught having a slow voice in the class when i did think that myself have already improved..
i was caught giving a real easy tasks to the students when i really thought that that is already a level suitable for them. ahhh...sigh..again..

what have i done?

i am in a dire situation of need of voice, tasks and outlooks. is there any station selling all those things i need??

though i'm not yet a teacher, i'm already as exhausted as a teacher could be...

mybe i should change my way of teaching...

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