Wednesday, June 5, 2013


cuti dah nak habis, aku kira tinggal lagi seminggu kurang lebih..
ah! ape pun tak bolehhh...

down with something frustrating..
let this clear my sins for the new number in my life...
i'm writing this, the first post in my 22's life...
feel glad? urhmm,, yeah!
i'm still kicking, Alhamdulillah...^_^

ALL friends, thanks for the wishes
i'm not worthy of remembering dates, even the special ones,
but i'm glad you all remember mine..
though it's of the help of FACEBOOK..
still, glad i am..

well, there's a lot of things in mind,
i've got lists of things undone..
for instance,
i haven't learnt baking anything,
i haven't test any recipes i'm thinking of,
i haven't done reading,
i haven't done gardening,
what i've done is exactly NOTHING!

looking forward to the coming semester,
i'm searching for something new i guess,
tired of standing at the old mount i built myself..
need some improvements..
oh breeze of changes,

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