Thursday, May 30, 2013

sleep's best friend

the dream hit me well again last night... why me??! pretty sure i'm not supposed to be lingered with such of a ridiculous thinking and even dream!

people say, at night, if you dream of something you have been thinking of all day long, it wasn't of something you should brag, right?

but if you dream of someone, or something you never even get your mind to think of all day long, was it because of the thing, (they call) "MISS"?? miss here is not addressing the unmarried woman, but something of a feeling, according to the dictionary, it says, the feel or suffer from the lack of...hmm.. i wonder if this is true..

but if the one hit by the dream isn't feeling any missy-missy thing, is it because of the other party is having that feeling? i am a little bit confused... but i care less....


if we were to learn about it, what field should we be in?
Oneirology? any relation with Psychology? or do we have to deal with Astronomy?

this sure is something good to learn..

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