Tuesday, April 16, 2013

teacher-to-be thinking randomly...

being emotionally disturbed by the people around..is there any remedies to this?
well, that is what, i personally as a teacher-to-be is having presently...

tied between commitments and emotion, i FAIL...
of parents, with professions of higher ranks than that of teachers, do you really respect us as teachers?
those with tongues more fluent than the natives even,, what do you think of our own language actually??
teachers on the other side, with those other-than-the-first-class students, have you done enough?????

well, i dunno if it comes to thinking outside the box, the mind become tailed to follow what is conventionally accepted. being conventional really puts a dead-end of the ways you can do for something, right?

i know i have no rights to speak of these things... but since this is just  merely thoughts of someone of a you-are-nobody title, i can say as much as i want..right?

teachers, bound to follow rules, rules are bound by the circumstances, teachers follow rules due to the consequences. who created the rules? is it by the parents? is it by the pupils? who's the teacher now?

my little mind is quite messy right now, i say things randomly, i think nonsense but i know, something has to be changed...something is not right on the place... it's nothing about the PRU, it's about the world..

for things to change, we must change first...

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