Saturday, April 6, 2013

of apple and the cat..

Aman Farhan..
he's a doctors son..
brilliant enough to keep myself wondering about his abilities...
got his first language in English, 
an apple of most of the teachers i guess,
may be the students' leader later i think...

he's good,
but he might be bad too...
coz i'm somehow scared that he might turn me into a biased teacher...
Allah, make me strong and stay focused..
to be surprise with such a creation
in a world full of varieties 
hearts may change...

okay, i've done my planning for the day,
i hope it'll work the way i've planned,
i dunno why my students are now showing mice faces in front of the fierce cat..
i dunno what goes wrong, 
is it because of the shouting?
how am i gonna win them back??

p/s: Allah, i praise you for the goodness that you brought before me,
make me a good teacher who educates and may the students learn some good things from me no matter how small the things are...

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