Tuesday, March 12, 2013

trust 0_o

biarkan ia berlalu pergi..cewah!

it's getting warmer and warmer, the activities are all reaching their peaks and, i'm halfway of getting them off my list... well, the list actually is just about to start anew everyday,, but i hope, i'll get through..

people now, doesn't really value secrets eh? the trust entrusted upon them, is it actually (to some people) are like the wind? or the rope that you let off when you once held on tight the moment you are about to sink??

i don't understand... how much of a trust that you can give to people? to what extend? what kind of secret can you entrusted to them? how much could it be known by that someone?

sense of betrayal is always the shadow of trust, you never know when it'll disappear until you find the light shines on your path..

p/s:my friends are probably not being able to breathe for their own lungs perhaps..everything is going to be fine in sha Allah...

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