Wednesday, March 13, 2013

event of the year~

alhamdulillah,, dah habis sudah hari Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan kali ke 31 IPGKB...
well, memang rasa happy giler sebab dah habis dah satu event besar untuk semester ni dan tahun ini anjuran PISMP sem 5.. bersyukur giler,tahniah kepada sume yang berjaya menjalankan tugas dengan sebaik mungkin ^_^

well,horses' dung are better than the human dung right? its not that i'm going to talk about all those shits right now but, i was kinda pondering about this somehow, because a herbivore's faeces is not that disgusting rather than a carnivore's right? does the differences in the smell makes what i claimed here as making sense??

whatever it is, every living things excrete..

can't really do anything when it comes to dealing with animals anyway, they pooped everywhere they find a good spot! and the man with eyes looking elsewhere scatters the dung anywhere they lay their feet on...wek~

i'm highlighting two of the most attractive subjects in during the KOT this year with the theme of "fairy tales" that i got my hand on just now... i respect them a lot because with such a costume, and all those heavy makeups, they made it through the day which is so hot, not that windy and well, they did it! that's all i have to say...

the sweet fairy..

the horrid witch...

actually,during the session when i met them, i really feel the sense of 'magic' within, i can feel it like seriously, because both the characters are so into the character that they outfitted...that's the talent! that's what a teacher should be, a man of a thousand characters!

errr, i'm still scared typing and at the same time looking at the witch.. i dare not to have a closer look if i'm not curious enough...

waiting for the drama to hit the day! May Allah ease everything~

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