Friday, January 4, 2013


you are nowhere to be seen..
i know you are out there somewhere..
to whoever that has taken you away from us, i hope you will realise that you are taking something that is not yours...please, i'm begging you to return her to us..May Allah show you your fault and lead you to return her to us..

i cried, not because i'm sad,
i cried because i can't do anything..
if only i can go back home,
though i can't really be of something helpful,
at least, i'm there, with my family,
with those who currently feel the lost..

counting the days,
i have to go back,
take a few turns of searching you all over the small town..
i know you are somewhere there..

if it is love that makes me cry,
may love brings you back....

Comot, you means everything to us...

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