Thursday, January 3, 2013

the missing you...

i hope you return...
i really hope...

i want you back,
just to fill the emptiness within me...
to fill the empty rooms in the house..

to put bright smiles on my parents' faces..
to be a friend to my left-alone youngest brother..
to be someone whom i can talk to...though you can't actually talk..

i want you back,
i've never had enough time playing around with you,
nor enough time bathing you,

you are the only one that scores the hearts of a desert house which bears none of your type lingering around..
i love to hear your voices calling when you can't reach us,,
i love your fluffiness,
i want you back...

if i have to go around just to see you back in the house,
i'll do it,,
no doubt..

other people can't take you away,
though they have the most perfect way of taking care of you,
though they have the most sincerest heart blooming with love,
they can't do this to me, to us, to my family..
they can't..
talk about right, they don't have ANY!!

bukakanlah pintu hati orang yang mengambil Comot daripada kami
untuk memulangkan semula Comot ke pangkuan kami,
dan kembalikanlah Comot kepada kami walau dengan apa cara sekalipun....

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