Sunday, January 20, 2013


something to ponder before the bed calls...

about rationalizing thoughts and thinking..

actually, that some people, it may be taking a long time, but to some, it might not..
for me,, (tetibe plak terpikir about rationalizing segala bagai ni..) i feel like,, people if they are being good to some people about something, they must have their own rationale of what are they doing and why so,,true?

that's why nowadays, people might become so irritated with me by simply (i am the one) asking 'why?' 'why' and 'why'.... because i want to know why about every thing the people around me do about anything i feel like asking the 'why' question... i can rationalize it on my own of course, but i think, somehow, it's important if we know the rationale of something done by some people about anything.. forgive me if this is not the same like what you guys are thinking about...

sometimes, the rationale of what we are doing isn't in the same boat like what others are thinking..right?? so, we have to justify it, whether it's right or wrong.. which to be taken side on and which to be put aside... kan?

tu la,,kadang2 aku terfikir,,
untuk menjadi baik, kita mesti ade rational kite yang tersendiri..
kalu kita tak boleh nak rationalize our own doings, sape lagi kan?
baik tapi tak rasional =.....................
rasional tapi tak baik=......................

aku try buat analogy k,,
mcm klu kita nak bagi orang kelaparan makan,
kita masak ikan yang dah busuk,
kita bagi sayur dah layu,
telur tembelang,
kita masak sedap2 dan bagi diorang makan..

kita baik tak? baik kan? sebab kita dah masakkan untuk orang lapar..
tp,,klu kita rationalize balik perbuatan kita tu,,kita baik tak?
tak,,sebab orang tu kompem kene keracunan makanan..

so,,nak jadi baik boleh,
tp mesti ade rasional yang boleh diterima akal...

mungkin aku sendiri ade masalah untuk rationalize things...
btw, rationale and rational .. are they the same?

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