Saturday, January 5, 2013

durian crepe

though i'm so still moody and sad..i still try to do something that can at least give me a smile..
i hope people will understand my current situation and don't go away from me..though i know, i may look like someone who deserves a thousand slaps..

so, for today,
as i am really very curious to know the taste of a durian crepe,
i bought some at the pasar malam,,so,,my durian crepe is a cap pasar malam crepe.. but there on the package stated that it is from Azielicious, only the place of selling is a bit not so classy,.,

well, as i used to search on the internet, the ingredients are basically durian and some whipped cream.. well, the combination, for me at first is a bit of an exclamation like, 'what??!" but that was before i had a good bite on it...

I LIKE IT! yes!! it's so delicious that i regret i only bought a packet of 3 folds within..

i want some more..

so, Alhamdulillah, i shall die with no food-craving sickness...huhu

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