Sunday, January 6, 2013

the punishment..

4th day but not a single news of the missing Comot...
sad? still..

but life must go on...

so for today, as we ended our first session of LGA class so late, we deserved to be punished...well, the punishment is not really one though...all we  have to do are:

1: take our own chair, coz there's not enough chairs in the hall to accomodate all butts of the students in one go..
2:sit outside the hall, coz there's not enough space in the hall to accomodate all students in one session..
3:when the air blows, smell and 'enjoy' the aroma of the septic tank just outside the hall where we are sitting... or probably the toilet smell it seems..

so, the punishment is just there. not really a punishment as it is, but it is enough to make us realise that we shouldn't be late, the lecturers shouldn't let us go late, and we shouldn't sit outside the hall during the assembly..

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