Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the visit..

phew....this blog is is saved from being stalked openly in the classroom just now...

now that it's only me who can do anything to this blog, i can write anything i wish for right?
hmm,,let's talk about the short visit.

yeah, living a 'doctor' life is always, before, now and forever be my dream life... but, am i being envious? NO!

i'm very proud to say that now only, after about 3 years struggling to accept the fact that i'm leading a 'teacher's' life inspite rejecting all theories applicable for my state, i managed to yes,,alhamdulillah, accepting that life of a doctor doesn't fit me at all..

thanks to Dr. Ariffuddin bin Ishak and Dr. Rashidah Malik, and the doctor-to-be dr. Alliah Jannah Ishak..

the short visit worth a life-time healing...
syukur alhamdulillah...

now when people ask me, are you proud being a teacher? and i will say..YES! I AM!
and i promise to zip up my mouth if i were to say, i used to be in favour of becoming a doctor...i won't say anything if i were asked about this..coz, i'm fully recovered...i'm healed...HEALED!

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