Friday, July 13, 2012

me and me.

i'm making myself free this weekend..
dunno what might be happening the next weekend and so-forth.
i'm trying to do myself a favour..
of doing the assignment..trying to get into the mood..

i think i'm missing them so dem much that i started dreaming of them each and every time i lay myself on the bed..T_T

glancing through the facebook, seeing lots of people virtually makes no sense of living..
portraiture and all quotes shared over the fb seems tasteless..
i'm having traumatic feeling of riding my red fury,
i'm talking nonsense, yes i know.
my mom asked if i might let her take red fury away,
and i said no..

they said all riders will face at least once,,
of falling on the rough surface of the road..
and the chilling sensation kills me within..
i nearly knocked an old man riding a bicycle..
that's bad..

of haiku, tanka and cinquain..
i learnt none...

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