Thursday, July 12, 2012

thinking tank

is not easy..but is not impossible..
well, i can say, it's hard for me, but maybe it's not for you..
we can possibly think of anything in everything,
i can..

the moment when we start bad-thinking about something,
i don't like it when it is negative,
and Allah too..
He mentioned that in the Quran..
i've read that, and i feel embarrassed.

some negative thinking are sinful you know...

being a positive thinker is not hard..
i always got it right,,
but to start thinking positively needs you to beat the mind, sometimes and get a hold of the heart... and it always can be vise versa..

and..when it comes to thinking about possibility,
i always think the worst,,
coz for me, when we are prepared really prepared,
we can take it when the mishap is not that worst...

yeah,,think2 and think..
everybody can think,
buit not everybody can be rational in thinking...

btw, the above picture is a tumorous brain...notice that??

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