Thursday, July 26, 2012


huwaargh! ngantuknya..

have y'allz notice that when Ramadan comes, our eyes become very droopy, the eyelids fall swiftly upon the lower ones and yeah..we dozed off shortly after, taking at least, forty winks anywhere..

tomorrow no class, i want to sleep late but my eyes can't bear the sleepiness..

but, this are the things to ponder..
eventhough today, the 6th day of Ramadan, the syaitan had been chained, and, well, it's a very blessed month of all the months, WHY ARE WE STILL HAVING THE SLEEPINESS DISEASE??!

is it about the lust??

or is it about the thing we call 'ourself'?

any loose screw to be tightened? any "M" enzyme to be degenerated???

M here refers to Malaaaass...

and the screw is the weakness of ourself..but i think, i may need to ponder about the dreams first...

let's take a nap..and say goodnite to our dearest laptop, forgive everybody, pondering what have we done today, and..yeah...assalamualaikum...

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