Friday, February 24, 2012

hot water..

just now when i was about to take the ablution...i realised that the water was hot...
it reminisces me of those days when i was at the holy land of Mecca and Medina as well..

the water there is hot (this is a fact that i dare not to use 'was')..

one thing that i realised then was...

it gives the skin a smooth effect...because we keep on using the hot water to bath, to take ablution and so on..

it was my aunt who realised that in the first place..

awhile of thinking just now hits me with a new point of...maybe the hot water sheds away the dry skin on the epidermis (err,,am i using the right term??) mind me if i'm wrong..i think this is why people is using hot water to bath instead of just being unable to bath using the cold water...

so,,the point that is to say is as the days is so hot, limit your outdoor activities, and drink more water, bath frequently so that it will smoother your skin and prevent you from dehydration..but never to drink while having your's not good~

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