Thursday, February 23, 2012

me and chee and me

currently trying to search and download all the applicable 'mouth-focusing' videos of my favourite westlife band...well, i'm turning on a new leaf now..learning via the motion of the mouth instead of just merely reading the books which is of course, in English..

i need to improve man,,,i sure need to..
there's not much time left...another half year before first practicum which is next year i suppose..

i've done talking to the lecturers in English,,
i've had my own English day as well,,
i've tried to improve via blog writing also..

but none of these had left me with a blasting effect of improvements..

i'm trying quite hard here you know..

but still, i'm noted by the lecturers as the most silent person they've of them admitted that he longed to hear my voice...

but i think i'm not as silent as i seem..


i'm trying to get a handful of information while listening to the lecturers in the class, digesting all of it as much as i can..and...that's why when i start opening my mouth for questions, it'll be like bullets! that's what Chee said to me just now...

i wasn't surprised by that...

but they say,, i think too detail...

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