Sunday, December 11, 2011


okay,,quite shocked with the death of my little fish just was floating helplessly in the cup i used as it's container...huwaa!! and...

yesterday,,found a tortoise wondering on the road..forced my father to make a U turn just to fetch it up...and...later have to let it go at my cousin's house..hope it'll be happy there...

and..this morning,,i purposely cooked the plain water just to kill the terrible 'Dracula' ants..they are dem troublesome...well,, it just can't be helped when they keep on 'living' after i showered them with just plain water and to make them drop dead was just to do it with the hot water....evil isn't??but i tell u what...they are the 'biting-ants',,,serves them right.. father said,,he found a long, big, red centipede the moment when he was cleaning the house area...luckily it dies because,,,,father accidentally swooshed the blades to its body...and..serves it right too...lucky enough for us huh? ahaha

that's all the animals i want to report to u readers...hehe..
well,,thanks fer reading~

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