Thursday, December 22, 2011


trust me,,the only thing..maybe i am the one who just found out for those as a teacher,,, one of the most favourable thing to do,,the most pleasant thing and yet so dem tiring to do while spending holidays is........


painting the wall, panting for breathe..sound silly huh?

i just finished my house, pink and blue...well,,, it was just because ev dem boredom to see the house dully coloured..and.....well,,serve us right,,it has been yearzzzz since our last house painting...yeahoo!!

... and the house changes 98%.....i dare not to say,,,360 degree because u see,, there's no change when something turns 360 degree,,coz,,,it'll be back at its own position..the previous those who says "a change of 360 degree" is actually not making a change at all! yeah! trust me..

okay,,,no greeting fer you all readers today...what a bad writer i am eh?




a runny nose after done with the painting job isn't something awkward huh? i think so..



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