Monday, September 26, 2011



this is my very first time being locked in the hostel of this very beloved IPG. no regret.. i feel happy though,,what an absurd feeling eh? i used to be locked also during my secondary years,,it was no fun at all. but here,,i feel it's quite good to be in the comfortable and cozy room alone...:)

but, personally, i think, the hostel management should not do it just today..because, the carnival has already reached its last day, there's nothing so special about the last day compared to yesterday where during the launching of this carnival by the rector of the IPG, the hall, which was supposed to be filled with more or less hundreds of people is not fully occupied by that particular number of students. why? because of the problem unknown..~where have they been? to the field? to the 'tapak jualan' or maybe they just stayed in the room? who knows,, its a mystery though,,with the lacking of the number of students yesterday..they just vanished....taken by the witches probably...


now,,presently being locked in the hostel,,i'm enjoying my time doing the assignment..thanks for locking the hostel,,i just LOVE IT!

but,,because of being locked,, i missed my class..the very first time because of this absurd reason...tomorrow maybe i'm gonna sit for the UAK which is meant for ujian akhir kursus...but,,what an absurd planning also,, we haven't finish our classes and topics and yet we have to sit for that test..what the...ayoyo...oow,,that's what as being mentioned by our math lecturer in case i've not forgotten..

an,,today,,i just wanta share with you,,,I LIKE THE WORD ABSURD...see how many times i've used that word in my post? hehe

that's supposed to be the end of my post today,,hmm,,this moment...


i'm growing absurdity in my senses...

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