Tuesday, September 27, 2011


done my very first paper of numerical literacy..
i kicked off first with the very last question within the test sheet..it was quite tough though..
i had quite a hard time to remember what have been taught in the class...serves me right,,masa lecturer aja main2 lagi!

then,,i once i reached the second question,,,
it was it!


then,,i just leave the question like that,,with a simple sketching that seems like.......NOTHING!

okay,,actually that is also as a continuation of what had happened to me early in the morning..this was my very first time being among the 3 latest,,(2 actually because, one of the latest three was actually got the wrong hall for the test) late to the examination hall..i had my bath at 8 when the test started at 8.30! what the!!
and,,i din even glance to my watch when suddenly my phone shrilled...WOI! DH MSK DWN DH NI!!!
i was running like hell by then...muahaha...entered the hall,,had my seat with my heart beating like it was a 100 metre run

so,,that was it...i got the very first place of the line,,next to me was none the less than the brilliant guy Mr. Tuah Sujana...bahahaha!! actually,, that was making me trembled like 'WHAT THE...!" because he's well known of being a bork worm,,and of course, that piece of test is like a piece of cake to him....lucky enough that i've read something before getting into the hall...

now that i haven't read for tomorrow's paper...i shall make my move then...till tomorrow!

thanks for reading!

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