Thursday, June 30, 2011


phonetics is defined as...... something related to the phonics..meaning,, the way something,, a letter is pronounced.. that's my definition.. and,, that's what i understand about the thing so-called..phonetics..

okay,,the symbols are seriously quite a something to be remembered, rather than memorising the bones, the joints and the muscles, we teachers-to-be have to memorize all the symbols regarding the phonetics and what worst is that,, i am really not good in writing the symbols especially the inverted 'e' which sounds like 'someone full'... understand? well,,suit urself, it is none of something u readers have to understand..:)

okay,,currently, i'm going to put a real effort in writing those symbols out and memorising them so that it would come in handy the moment i answer the exam paper by the end of this semester..

now that i am still wide awake, i'm thinking of doing something,, but nothing comes in mind about what to do,, any suggestions??:O

hmm,, okay,,i think it's better for me to entertain the lovey dovey pillow and the bed..ah,,before i go off,, bath is a noun, bathe is a verb. got it?? i just knew very morning...:}

with that,, thanks for reading..hakunamatata!!


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