Wednesday, June 29, 2011

work vs food

works, works, works...when most of the times thinking bout works, most of the people will fall being defeated.. why?

due to tiredness..
and all sort of uneasy feelings...:(

now that i'm enjoying my 'leisure' time in this very room..i think none of any of my works though it is indeed piling over my shoulder.. none of my cells in this very body thinks bout the unsettled working progress...


I'M THINKING BOUT FOOD...yes,, i'm indeed in need of something to eat..see? how food affects me more rather than works!

and..presently in this very windy room,, i'm thinking bout my pointers..i do need something to point out my pointers so that it becomes pointed pointers not the pointers which keeps on pointing to me due to my fallacies of pointing it to the highest points of all... :D

ha,,thanks to my dearest readers who never stops reading my terribly-written blog,, i enjoy writing as much as i enjoy my improving ability of uttering English words.. Alhamdulillah and thanks to all,,i managed to talk in English for now in a much better way..:)

with that,,,i end with thank you..

hakunamatata! adios!

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