Friday, July 1, 2011

turning a new leaf

waaaah,,,,after a few hours of editing,,just editing,, i've turned my blog into something..which i am quite pleased of.. and that something isn't just a mere something.. it is a sign,, ..... better not to write it here.. a sign of something.... well,, hopefully, a something,, ohh,,STOP USING THE WORD 'SOMETHING' WILL I? :O

the point is that, i'm currently freezing,, shocked wit
h the weather channel i just put in the blog showing the number of 26 degree celcius which i think i can trust it for now,,:) and i just cancelled the plan of going out to eat 'roti canai'...:(

the people there,, in that school is playing something i dunno what but they all have the pails, the table and the water splashing over them,, it's an all-boy
s-day-out probably,,:) i'm just guessing.. they seem enjoying themselves there..:D good then!

hmm,,seems that i got a plenty of time this weekends to clear my messy mind from every single thing i'm unpleasant of.. and i do hope the coming weeks will be much more easier and leisurer..:)

with that,, thanks for reading!
hakunamatata! adios!

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