Thursday, May 19, 2011

yeah! first day: DONE!

first day,,first paper being tested..
well,,not much that i can say,,nor show..

i was dem terrified with the condition of my health,,
the percentage of the things that i've studied,,
my tummy which keeps on growling as if i haven't eat anything..:(

but all i could say is that..
i am still a lucky person..

i managed to answer most of the question,, eventhough it is the answer-with-what-i-know-not-what-the-question-ask type of answering which i've done..

oww,may my friends and i will be able to answer the next round of paper with a great success and in a more blissful moment in the sauna-type-examination-hall..

let me introduce u dearest readers to Dee,,my new far-away-country friend..from Bostwana..haha..that's all..

he's the one at the end..the only guy..

the point is that, actually, we don't have to travel far2 away just to get to know the foreigners..they are here,,with us,,in this very country..(as to please my heart actually..)

orait,,thanks for reading..

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