Friday, May 20, 2011

reading literature..

still early in the morning.. i guess today the day won't be as hot as yesterday.. hopefully..

and when the day isn't hot,, the finest thing to do is...

and guess what,,
i haven't started my literature study yet..

haha..i can only laugh at the book the way the book laughed at me..

actually, i'm waiting for ma friend to come to ma room,,
coz we're goin to the TJ Corner..for the delicious and tummy-fulling roti canai..


thank God that i've regained my interest in writing this blog though my dearest friend Anis isn't updating anymore..(she got fed up with the internet connection actually..)

all lit theory and criticism..keep on waiting..i'll be coming..but,,not now..later okay? haha

and,,that's all fer now..
thank you for reading..


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