Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hello there...

not gonna write a lot..
just a simple update from me..
huh~ blogging is not my priority anymore..lost interest..better read others..

and,just wanna say,,
i am gonna sit for xm this Thursday,,
continued on the next Tuesday until Thursday..

and..i'm not proud to say that i haven't prepared myself yet for those papers that i am gonna sit for..
eventhough so,,
i really hope i can score..well,, i have such a great mission to be fulfilled starting from now..till the last sem i am here..

i am not in a really good state of health,,dunno why,,maybe due to the 'pressure' i gained for this incoming xm..do pray for me dearest friend and readers..but,,luckily,my mind is in a great state of productivity..hehe..alhamdulillah,praise be to Allah..

so,,wish me luck..
hopefully, this tiny bits of interest held within myself for the blog-writing won't fade away..still have lots of things to share with u..and as a matter of fact,,lots of practise for this profession..

thanks for reading..

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