Wednesday, May 4, 2011

long time no update..

it has been such along time since i last updated. now that i am really pissed off with myself, i am updating.

no reason for this moody ambience within myself. just that i took a long nap hours before with pounding head and such a very warm room.

the moment i woke up,
i felt dem hungry..
my roomate eatin' the Maggie.. well,, i tried not to eat it unless i am really desperately hungry...haha

called my neighbour to buy me dinner and till now,,still waiting for the delivery.
mom just called in a few minutes before,,a shocking news that a couple have been killed mercilessly in front of the Sek. MEn Sulaiman which is located just a few kilometres from my home. Ya Allah,, protect us.. scared? TOTALLY I AM REALLY SCARED...THE WORLD'S GETTING TERRIBLE!

why is my mood swayed like this? i just hate it..

with that..thanks for reading.

hakunamatata! adios!

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