Thursday, April 21, 2011


waah! aku dah berani!

whoaa! it's great having the chance to befriend with you again...
well,,i am sorry for having you removed from my friend list..if only you know why.. hehe
and,,i'm going back 'home' tonite,,,though its not my 'home sweet home',, at least,, i managed to get away from this IPG,,even if it's just few days only...thanks Anis!!

why is evybody today approached me all of sudden?? it was as if,,i'm suddenly being famous when i used to be the infamous one before! haha..great then..

Allah granted my wish today..i feel glad..
but,,to make love with the moon,,is still a boo-hoo feeling for me...why?? dunno..

today was a tiring day...
haven't pack yet..
gotta go!


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